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Structure and business network

Optimal distribution for better efficiency.
The current availability of our products in over 60 countries all over the world has only been possible thanks to studied and planned logistics, capable of adapting to continual changes in different markets.

ITPSA’s name and products are known and available in over 60 different countries throughout the world, spread as far north and south as Iceland and South Africa and Chile and touching hands east and west in Japan and the US and Canada.

It would be difficult to assign priorities in assessing the value of each department, activity and/or functions of ITPSA when the company growth and development through the years is contemplated. It is however obvious, that our international marketing and distribution structure accounts for a great part of that success. General management is proud to think of all members of the group, including our distributor and marketing channels, as components of a great and international family, all concerned about our customers progress and welfare.

Our own subsidiary company, ITPSA Hong Kong Ltd., was established in Hong Kong in 1999 to control our far-east business activities, among which our new production plant, ITPSA Far East Ltd., in Guangzhou, China, which was established in 2001.

In 2004 ITPSA opened its subsidiary company in Guatemala, ITPSA Centroamérica and in 2005 established its sister companies in Brazil (ITPSA Do Brasil), in Uruguay (ITPSA Uruguay) and in Japan (ITPSA Japan).

Later in 2008 ITPSA opened a Representative Office in Vietnam, which become ITPSA Vietnam in 2013. In 2014 ITPSA Indonesia started its activity, based in Jakarta. 

Most of our international distributors work on the basis of distribution or agency agreements, with our own company trade marks, even if there may be some isolated exceptions to this, motivated by special marketing requirements. All of them are closely connected with our international marketing department and fully backed up by our technical service department, either through plain technological assistance, nutritional advice and/or R&D cooperation with their own technical staff or local universities and research institutions.

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