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High level of pigmentation with natural ingredients.

Natural pigments were the starting point of ITPSA and represent today one of its strongest lines of products. Starting from vegetable products, carefully harvested and selected for the quality and content in carotenoid pigments, both yellow and red, the pigmentation products, Capsantal EBS and Capsantal FS are produced, as a result of a constant and careful process of research and technical effort.

Capsantal range of products allows obtaining in a natural way the appropiate pigmentation for broiler skin, egg yolk as well as the flesh of salmonids and the carapace of crustaceans. 

ITPSA has developed a new presentation of Capsantal with a micropearled appearance, Capsantal MP and Hidrocapsantal, which is in liquid form.  

ITPSA also offers in its portfolio synthetic pigments, mainly canthaxanthin (Capsantal CX) and astaxanthin (Capsantal AX), specially designed for poultry and aquaculture respectively.

Capsantal TR CX is a pigmenter to be used alone in white diets. It contains a blend of Marigold flower extracts and canthaxanthin allowing to obtain egg yolk colors higher than 12 in the Roche scale.

Capsantal EBS NT

Is a yellow pigmenter, mainly based on lutein with a high percentage of trans isomers, obtained from extracts of Marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta) carefully stabilized, homogenized and saponified to give maximum intestinal absorption and biological efficiency.

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Capsantal FS NT
Is a red pigmenter, mainly based on trans-capsanthin, obtained through a highly developped process of extraction from selected varieties of peppers (Capsicum annum), carefully processed to potentiate the natural red colour of their pigments.

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