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Mold inhibitors

Fungal control warranty safe.

Mostly based on natural organic acids, ITPSA’s mold inhibitors products have evolved into one of its main lines of products, successfully controlling mold content of feeds and thus reducing the risk of mycotoxicosis in production animals and mold contamination in stored feeds and feed ingredients. Fungicap and Fungisal in their different forms are a formal guarantee of mold control and mycotoxicosis prevention in modern, high density animal feeds.


Fungicap is a mold inhibitor based on propionic acid and other organic acids, with a fast and effective action, complemented with the greater stability of its different active salts, thus making possible to offer a liquid or solid mold inhibitor.

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Fungisal Mix
Fungisal Mix uses a combination of traditional anti-mold active acids which confers a higher anti-mold power and a wider spectrum of action.

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