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Flavours and sweeteners

Essential in the development of feed.

Highly instrumental in the progress of animal feeding, feed flavours and sweeteners have rightfully gained a significant position in the field of feed supplements. Their use has eased the utilisation of many agricultural by-products and improved palatability of modern diets. Increasing the feed sweeteness, through our sweetening agent, Sugarcap, or diverse flavours, by means of the different types of Flavoral has been one of ITPSA’s primary target.


Sugarcap is a powerful sweetener and masking agent destined to increase feed palatability. It is based on sodium saccharine and neohesperidine DC.

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Flavoral, in its different commercial forms, is a wide range of flavours, suitable to every animal species according to their preferences. These flavours have been designed for feed, with or without medication, milk replacers and other formulations.

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