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Natural products and tested efficiency.

Digestive enzymes have been one of ITPSA’s main lines of interest in recent years, due to their proven efficiency and natural structure. First to appear were the carbohydrase type enzymes, mostly based on glucanase (designed for diets containing raw materials with a high content mainly on glucans, such as barley, rye and oats and their byproducts) and xylanase (designed for diets with raw materials with high amounts of xylans and glucans, such as wheat, rye, oats and other cereals). Their use makes it possible to increase the feed energy value, at no extra cost.


Capsozyme SB
Based on galactosidase, Capsozyme SB products have emerged out of research as the most significant components of the group. Its use on soybean meal and other legumes, increasing its energy and digestible protein values, makes it a modern, natural and unrefusable feed component.

ico-aves      ico-xcinos      ico-rumiantes      ico-piscis      

Capsozyme P
A highly active phytase is also avaible in ITPSA as Capsozyme P. The enzyme shows a high stability, as it is protected by a thermostable coat. Capsozyme P increases phytate-phosphorus availability from plants and improves the digestibility of other nutrients bound to phytic acid, such as aminoacids, calcium and trace elements, thus improving animal performances and decreasing environmental pollution.

ico-aves      ico-xcinos      ico-rumiantes      ico-piscis      

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