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Environmental control

Animal feed and environment.

As a producer of natural products, ITPSA has always been concerned about animal welfare and the effects of feeding on the environment. Also listed in this group are products such as sepiolites and Capsozyme which, although belonging to other group of products, they do have clear and positive environmental effects.


As a result of its own research and cooperation with other companies, new products have been added to ITPSA’s widening catalogue, including products such as Capsogenin-Biopowder, based on Yucca schidigera extract. Capsogenin-Biopowder is a natural supplement for livestock and pets.It acts directly reducing ammonia and other noxious gases in the intestinal tract and the metabolic processes, also improving the environment inside the confinement areas and bringing, as a consequence, a reduction in respiratory problems, lower stress and better feed intake by the animals. Also, the surfactant action of these products allows for a better absorption of the nutrients in the digestive tract, thus improving animal performances.

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