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Distribution products

ITPSA in the international market.

The worldwide expansion of ITPSA products, technology and technical service has made it possible for ITPSA’s technical and marketing staff to become acquainted with the technology and nutritional problems in different parts of the world. Our international expertise, both in marketing and animal nutrition, is an obvious attraction for other companies looking for international distribution of their products, through our marketing network. Thus, marketing agreements are frequently established between ITPSA and other companies, for the distribution of high quality products for the animal feed industry, either worldwide or inspecific countries.


ATOX is a natural combination of magnesium bentonite and sepiolite that makes it a mycotoxin binder with an excellent efficacy in vivo due to its optimum ratio between cation exchange capacity and surface area, which is given by its unique mineral structure. Exal is a sepiolite developed by the company Tolsa S.A. with significant results both in the technological process of feed production and animal productive performances.SPLF, high purity sepiolite and reologic capacity designed especially for liquid feed and diarrhoea reduction.

AP-820, AP-301, AP301 GS, Appetein GS
New blood plasma derived products AP-820, AP-301, AP-301 GS, Appetein GS, etc.,from the internationally known APC, emerged into the animal field with outstanding nutritional and immune-modulating properties, specially in the nutrition of young piglets, significantly easing the weaning process and improving performance.

Nuklospray and Nuklospray Yoghurt
Sloten, a Dutch company operating world-wide in more than 60 countries, produces high quality feed ingredients for young animals. Nuklospray and Nuklospray Yoghurt are dairy based feed ingredients consisting of high quality dairy ingredients and homogenised vegetable fats. All the ingredients are selected and combined to meet the optimal nutritional demands of a young animals. Sloten is continuously investigating new ways to contribute to economic and healthy animal production.

EMX, AEN-1400, Pulmofit, Sedafit, Phyto CSC
Because Nature offers an infinite range of active molecules, Phytosynthese made the choice without concession to use only the principles of natural origin for the development of their products: EMX, AEN-1400, Pulmofit, Sedafit, Phyto CSC, etc… This innovative company attempt to discover, develop and optimize the applications of plants for the livestock production purposes. The properties of plants are multiple and their active substances act through their antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory or anti-diarrhoeal activities. They improve the hepatic, renal and digestive functions and stimulate whole body health and metabolism.

OptiPhos® and Hostazym®
OptiPhos® and Hostazym® are the range of enzymes of Huvepharma, a leading multinational company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing products for improvement of animal health and performance, and for human health.

OptiPhos® is a new generation 6-phytase obtained from E.coli, available in microgranulated, coated and liquid form. OptiPhos® improves the digestibilty of phosphorous from phytic acid in plant raw materials.

Hostazym C (E1616) is a ß-glucanase of high activity with important secondary activities, such as pentosanase, hemicellulase, a-amylase and protease, to be used mainly in barley and oat based diets. Hostazym X (E1617), is a xylanase with notable side activities (cellulase, hemicellulase, ?-amylase and protease) which breaks down specifically the pentosans contained in wheat, rye and triticale based diets.

Based on Yucca schidigera extract, has an environmental improvement and on animal health effects. Biopowder is a natural supplement from the company Agroin-Baja Agro International, for both production animals as pets. Acts directly reducing levels of ammonia and other gases in the intestinal tract and metabolic processes, thus improving the environment is achieved in the production facilities and, consequently, a decrease in respiratory problems and stress in animals and improving animal food intake.

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