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Pioneers in physiological supplements.

Undoubtedly acidulants can be classified as the “first born” of the natural additives or supplements known as “physiological additives”. Based on the study of the digestive physiology of the piglet, acidulants emerged as the most natural dietary supplement to facilitate early weaning in pigs and calves, as well as growth enhancers in rabbit production. The onset of the Digestocap and Lacticap line of products has provided an accumulated expertise in this field, making our company a European leader in the world of physiological additives.


Digestocap is a carefully designed combination of organic and inorganic acids. Its use improves the absorption of the feed as it allows a faster and more complete digestion of proteins. Its action against the buffering capacity of the proteins allows the digesta to achieve a more complete acidification, especially in piglets, favouring the enzymatic action of gastric pepsin. The utilization of Digestocap also improves the acclimation of beneficial acidofilic bacteria (Lactobacillus, etc.) and diminishes, while increasing the acid barrier at the stomach level, the establishment of pathogenic bacteria (E. coli, etc.).

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Lacticap, based on a specific combination of organic acids, presents a higher promoter effect on the beneficial bacteria, which requires an acidofilic medium to achieve its complete development and activity. The action of both, Digestocap and Lacticap leads to noticeable improvements in growth, gain/feed ratios and health status of the animals.

ico-aves      ico-xcinos      ico-rumiantes      ico-mascotas      ico-piensos

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