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Industrial Facilities

The latest technology applied to the best raw materials.
A top-notch raw material is essential for creating products of the highest quality and, therefore, it must be treated and processed with the best and safest technology.

Production facilities of Industrial Técnica Pecuaria, S.A. stand on a 1.5 hectares of land in the development area of Industrial Park in the city of Valls (Tarragona), at approximately 90 km from Barcelona and 20 from Tarragona and their respective ports of entry. Sat quite close to a highway intersection, ITPSA’s plant and research facilities are within easy access and delivery distance to most of the important animal production areas of Catalunya (northeastern part of Spain), and within easy and immediate access to the most important highways connecting the area of Valls with Madrid, Tarragona, Valencia and the rest of Spain.

Production facilities

Production facilities, distributed in three different processing units, plus warehousing, laboratory and animal research facilities, take care of quality control upon arrival of raw materials from different parts of the world, storage, production, and quality control, both chemical and biological, of finished products before delivery to customers and distribution agencies.

Production Units

Production units are clearly outlined for the manufacture of specific lines of products, such as synthesis of antioxidants and mold inhibitors (Unit I), mixing of solids, liquid-solid, liquid-liquid and different type of absorption processes (Unit II), while processing of pigmentation products (marigold and paprika oleoresins), is isolated in Unit III in order to prevent colour contamination with other products.


Volume storage facilities for solids and liquids are available and easily connected to their respective units, from either silos or large volume holding tanks attached to the different units or from a tank holding area, especially designed to handle large volume liquid storage. Finished products are stored in two separated warehouses, based on their chemical affinity and/or customer final destination, and quality control samples taken for both chemical and biological quality control measurements. It is important to outline that all natural products such as pigmenters, etc. are subjected to strict biological quality controls, besides their corresponding chemical tests, in order to guarantee both efficacy and uniformity of results. Finished products are packed according to specifications, either under vacuum, nitrogen or standard conditions and stored until ready to deliver. Product samples are routinely taken and stored for eventual quality control measures, should it be necessary at later times.

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