Image of ITPSA head offices in Barcelona


Our head offices, an icon of our determination.
Located in the heart of the commercial centre of Barcelona, the ITPSA offices are perfectly connected in terms of both transport and new technologies.

One could hardly find a more adequate setting for headquarters of a company, with both national and international activities. Barcelona stands today as a symbol of business activity and is looked upon by feed people from most of Spain and very particularly from the north-eastern production areas, which concentrate the greatest proportion of feed produced and animal production statistics, as the neuralgic centre from where the most significant decisions on markets and production are taken.

While ITPSA’s production plant is sited in the crossroad of important highways leading to the main production areas, their main offices and general management are located in the downtown area of Barcelona, within fast and easy access from either the airport, central station, main highways and not far from the harbour.

ITPSA’s main managerial activities are distributed into separate although fully integrated departments. Marketing activities, with its active export department, handles all sales, both national and international, closely connected with purchasing and production, in order to rapidly connect the needs for production with customer demands, so that all orders can be processed immediately upon arrival. A Barcelona office extension of R&D, is in charge of technical service co-ordination, research needs and assistance in customer technical requirements. General management as well as the departments of administration and finance are equally located within the office space and easily available to all company staff and outside contacts.

The Barcelona head office is connected with our Valls production plant and research facilities by computer, plus additional communication services, so that direct transmission of customer requests, orders and technical requirements are immediately processed.

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