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Industrial Técnica Pecuaria, S.A. (ITPSA), is a company established in 1968 and a leading manufacturer of supplements for animal feeds. Since then, modernity and commitment are our hallmarks.

ITPSA was born not only out of the need to commercialize its products but with the desire to offer a wide and specialized technical assistance in the field of animal nutrition.

Pigments were the starting point of ITPSA and represent today one of its strongest lines of products.

Available in different forms, antioxidants represent one of the leading lines of ITPSA’s production and marketing expertise.

Undoubtedly acidulants can be classified as the “first born” of the natural additives or supplements known as “physiological additives”.

Mostly based on natural organic acids, ITPSA’s anti-mold products reducing the risk of mycotoxicosis in production animals and mold contamination in stored feeds and feed ingredients.

Digestive enzymes have been one of ITPSA’s main lines of interest in recent years, due to their proven efficiency and natural structure.

As a producer of natural products, ITPSA has always been concerned about animal welfare and the effects of feeding on the environment.

High quality human food. This is the ultimate target in the mind of ITPSA’s research, development and marketing staff.

The concept of ‘antimicrobials’ has emerged as a direct consequence of the antibiotic ban in Europe and anti-antibiotic feelings that spread throughout modern societies in the last decade of last millennium.

Highly instrumental in the progress of animal feeding, feed flavours and sweeteners have rightfully gained a significant position in the field of feed supplements.

The worldwide expansion of ITPSA products, technology and technical service has made it possible for ITPSA’s technical and marketing staff to become acquainted with the technology and nutritional problems in different parts of the world.

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